What is Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR?

CSR is all about recognising our responsibilities and acting fairly with everyone we come into contact with.

Under CSR, an organisation’s practices can influence employees, customers, partners and the environment in a positive manner.
Business in the Community

Not only is good practice something to aspire to, it also encourages better motivated employees, customer loyalty and business partnerships. It is no coincidence that over 200 of the top 250 companies on the UK stock exchange have an articulated CSR approach.

The reputation of an organisation is not achieved overnight by one action, but by a series of related activities over a longer period. Many organisations are now exploring CSR-related activities but are unsure of how to assess progress and move to the next level.

What I can offer

With a doctorate in Corporate Social Responsibility, I can support you with a range of CSR services.

CSR Auditing

I can examine your practices in areas including:

  • Corporate Identity
  • Employee Impact
  • Customer Awareness
  • Partner Collaboration
  • Community Engagement
  • Environmental Care

This analysis will highlight existing aspects of best practice and identify potential scope for improvement.

CSR Engagement

With a range of community contacts and organisational experience, I can facilitate a variety of corporate and specific initiatives.

CSR Reporting

I have a background of publishing CSR statements and presenting key messages. I can collate your achievements, promote your values and enhance your corporate reputation.