The Benefits of Mediation

Mediation is a process by which an impartial third party, or Mediator, can help people involved in a dispute to identify and agree a means of achieving a better working relationship.

Mediation turns a two-way fight to the death into a three-way search for a solution.
Edward de Bono

Conflict at work is damaging to individuals and costly to organisations. Mediation is regarded in employment law as a best practice method of resolving conflict in order that colleagues can work effectively. It is a self-contained, collaborative process in which participants can explore practical ways of moving forward.

What I can offer

I am a qualified workplace Mediator with experience of co-ordinating and delivering a mediation service. I have contributed guidance on mediation as a member of a national dignity at work group and have spoken on mediation practice at national conferences.

I can work individually, or with an associate, to facilitate mediation in your workplace. This would normally involve separate sessions with each party, followed by a joint mediation meeting. It can be delivered in a day or over a short period of time.