An integral part of good practice

Equal pay continues to be at the forefront of the social and political agenda. Equal pay reviews can help you to understand your workforce profile, monitor the impact of your reward policies, and check for consistency of practice.

Although they are increasingly recommended across the employment sector, apprehension remains in some organisations around the conducting of equal pay audits.

Clearly explained and delivered, they are a valuable asset in demonstrating your commitment to fair employment and reward practices.

What I can offer

I have undertaken and published equal pay audits since 2003, using an approach that has been featured in a series of publications and is cited as an exemplar by the Equality and Human Rights Commission. I can:

  • Carry out an equal pay audit in order to provide a snapshot of any pay gaps that exist in the workforce. These would be examined on the basis of gender, and can also cover additional criteria such as disability and ethnicity.
  • Provide a report that will interpret the results and place the findings in context, not only in terms of your own workforce, but also in regard to the prevailing UK employment and socio-economic trends.
  • Help you to use the audit as a tool to support your wider HR practices, by identifying actions that will encourage ongoing improvements year-on-year.